Explore Leadership provides training and support to young people aged 13-19 years to recruit and lead teams of their peers in carrying out youth-led projects that benefit the local community.

The aim of Explore Leadership is to increase the leadership, communication and project management skills of young people, to improve their future employability, build resilience and to raise confidence and self-esteem.

We seek to give all young people the opportunity to be part of Explore Leadership, with a particular focus on recruiting young people that:

  • Are invisible within schools/colleges. These are young people that are neither high or low achievers but could pose a risk of becoming socially isolated or would be in need of support later in their life.
  • Lack confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and other mental and emotional wellbeing that impedes personal progression.
  • Are at risk through risky behaviour. These are young people that have been identified to be on the fringe of society.
  • We also have an open application process for all young people who believe they would benefit from Explore Leadership.

There are 3 phases to Explore Leadership:

Phase 1

  • Explore Residential Training Programme:
  • A week away at an outdoor education centre learning a variety of skills through activities, build friendships and have loads of fun.

Phase 2

  • Individual Community Projects,
  • Recruit a team of your peers, create your project and get that warm fuzzy feeling when you make a difference to that community.

Phase 3

  • Celebration and beyond
  • Celebrate your achievements with Focus, your family and friends.
  • Move on to other projects with Focus and join the Youth Action Team.