Welcome to Look Up Leicester

Many young people feel that their future prospects will be determined by whether they manage to "escape" from Leicester or get "stuck" here. We want to challenge this view with the Youth Action Team (YAT) and get people to look above the corporate shopfronts that have compounded the sense that Leicester is not a place to be proud of and instead look into the most interesting buildings that tell the story of what makes Leicester the city that it is.

In 2013, we celebrated Leicester's food and festivals through our 'Year of the Leicestival' project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Now we want to celebrate the way that Leicester looks through our 'Look Up Leicester' project, also funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and which will see us working with the Leicester Civic Society, RIBA and the East Midlands Oral History Archive.

For further information on this project, click this link which will lead you to the dedicated 'Look Up Leicester' website and find out about how you can get involved.