How can your story help FOCUS?

By telling your story you help us to bring to life the experience of our projects for people who might wish to get involved. You help to remind our existing and former staff, volunteers, trustees and participants of the reasons they got involved. You also help to tell our funders and donors about the impact of our projects and the effect they can have on people’s lives.

Your story can inspire, motivate, enthuse and entertain; it can remind us of our past and ensure our future.

So, thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experiences and we hope you enjoy reading other people’s.

Terms and Conditions
  • Please do not name other people without their consent. We reserve the right to change names to protect the anonymity of people in your story.
  • Your story needs to be factual.
  • Focus reserves the right to use your story in future publications, marketing materials, website content, news articles or reference on future projects with young people and community groups.
  • Focus reserves the right to edit stories to ensure appropriate language is used and to avoid causing offence.

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