Strengthening young people's mental health and well being through outdoor spaces

Breathing Space is for young people 11 - 25 years who experience increasing mental health issues that create barriers to moving forward in their lives.

We provide outdoor green spaces for young people to connect with others, build on skills and ambition and develop self-worth, confidence and coping strategies.


Breathing Space Allotment

Situated at Rowlatts Hills Allotment on Blakenhall Road in Leicester, our Breathing Space allotment is a quiet place to connect with people and the environment.

We offer a range of activities for young people, such as:

  • Outdoor workshops that address various coping strategies (e.g. resilience building, coping strategies, building confidence, strengthening self-worth and ambition)
  • Maintaining an allotment that is co-creating by young people that suits their needs
  • Learning new skills and primitive living skills, such as growing healthy foods, fire lighting and outdoor cooking, wood whittling and using a variety of tools.
  • Building wider community connections and friendships with other people on our site and other users on the site.
  • Volunteering part of our time and energy to develop intergenerational relationships.


Breathing Space Camp

A space away from our normal environment, young people go on an adventure of self discovery, taking time to reflect, enjoy the natural surroundings and build stronger relationships.

Some of the activities we offer on the Breathing Space camp include:

  • Preparing shelter and living accomodation.
  • Fire starting, maintenance and cooking.
  • Woodland crafts and tool use.
  • Activities and workshops.


We believe that Breathing Space provides an important step for young people to lead positive and active lifestyles.

Furthermore, we want to see young people thrive by:

  • Better managing themselves and see a reduction in their mental health issues.
  • An increase in basic skills and abilities.
  • Feeling safe, independent and able to make positive choices.
  • Becoming more active in their communities through volunteering.
  • The ability to cope better with relationships at school, home and in the community.


We invite referrals and self-referrals from young people, youth services including schools, colleges, youth clubs, mental health services, GPs, social care teams and families.

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